Beautification of the Del Rio Trail

The ground broke in Sacramento earlier this month, signifying the beginning of construction efforts on the Del Rio Trail.1 The trail spans nearly five miles across the inner city, starting near the Sacramento Zoo and connecting two sections of the Sacramento River Bike Trail.2 This trail will give those in the area the chance to bike to school, work, and any number of activities. Of course, this trail is not being renovated purely out of utilitarian function. Sacramento City Council, which is behind the planning of the trail, would like it to be used as a way for residents to participate in healthy recreational activities while reducing their carbon footprint.3 The trail is working off of an abandoned set of railroad tracks, and alongside removing these tracks the beautification will heavily focus on the greenery along the trail. There are currently over 1,800 trees on the trail of fifty-two different species.4 Because many of these will need to be replaced, 810 trees will be planted along the trail after the removal of 384 trees. This portion of the project is the Del Rio Tree Program, and it is planning on a 2:1 ratio of trees planted to trees removed.4

On top of the greenery along the trail, the planners are also working alongside the City’s Office of Arts & Culture to set up two different phases of art projects along the trail.1 The first is open to applications from artists in Sacramento County who do all sorts of performance art including music, visual art, dance, etc. The second is meant to showcase permanent sculptures from artists all over the nation.1

Alongside funding from the city, the plan has been granted five million dollars from the Clean California initiative.1 This initiative is run by CalTrans, which the City Council has been working closely with because of the trail’s proximity to the I-5. This plan has become a bit of a poster child for the initiative and is meant to create a solid number of jobs to assist in the construction of the trail and tree planting.5 Construction efforts will begin this December and the trail is scheduled to be completed in 2024, which poses an exciting prospect for Sacramento pedestrians and construction workers alike.

Molly Mellon // CIRB Journalism Intern

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