Wildfires and Home-Hardening Standards

Recent wildfires have pushed for the creation of home-hardening standards designed to bring insurance companies back to the areas hardest hit.

In the aftermath of this year’s historically catastrophic wildfires, California insurance commissioner, Ricardo Lara, is searching for ways to bring insurance companies back to the areas hardest hit.  In order to do this, Lara looks to start a discussion with California’s insurance industry to develop standards for hardening homes and communities against fire risk.

Insurance companies have regularly dropped customers in California’s high-risk areas, leaving many homeowners with no option but to pay staggering prices for the California FAIR Plan coverage. In response, insurance commissioner Lara has continuously pushed to bring insurers back into fire-prone area through an assortment of avenues, now relying on a voluntary, collaborative approach to do the job.

Despite evidence supporting home-hardening, commissioner Lara acknowledges that the presented initiatives do not guarantee coverage for anyone, but simply improves conditions so insurers would return to risky, fire-prone areas.

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Marissa Saldivar // CIRB Journalism Intern // msaldivar@mychf.org