November permit numbers shed light on 2019 Annual totals

November 2019 monthly permit statistics have increased from November 2018, but cumulative year-to-date numbers are still down.

The CIRB (Construction Industry Research Board) Report November 2019 California Construction Review building permit data statistics are here, and the outlook for December and annual 2019 isn’t positive…

November 2019 monthly permit statistics have outshined November 2018 in new single-family and multifamily dwelling units issued, but cumulative year-to-date numbers are still down..

The last California Energy Code cycle, beginning January 1, 2017, generated a 33% increase in monthly permits issued in December 2016 compared to the month prior. (Read the blog post here)

Even with some positive monthly trends in new residential dwelling units emerging, California would still need to issue over 19,000 total statewide units in the month of December 2019 (a 55% increase!) just to meet the 117,892 total units issued in 2018.

The Upside:

  • New housing units in building permits issued for the month of November 2019 are up 12% from November of 2018
  • Single-family units are up 19% in November 2019 compared to the same month last year
  • Multifamily dwelling units also increased by 4%.

The Downside: 

  • November total units decreased by 11% from October 2019.
  • Single-family is down by 7% and multifamily decreased by 16% month-over-month
  • Total year-to-date housing units are down by 8% compared to 2018

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