Pandemic relocation shifted rent rates across the United States

During the pandemic, many Americans were forced to relocate to more affordable locations. The aftermath of this was contrary to their intentions. From San Francisco to Sacramento, New York to Kingston, citizens migrated to cities where the residents earned less and rent would be manageable amid the financial crisis. In hopes of affordability, they were met with increases to the median rent of their prospective city.

Migrators still found the increased rent in their new municipality more affordable than that of their original residency. The concern in this situation is the struggle for affordability faced by those already living in these affordable locations. Due to the increasing rent rates, locals are faced with financial challenges. This problem also makes it increasingly difficult for locals to compete in the housing market.

Things may get back to normal as vaccinations increase and cities begin to reopen,considering the possibility that people will return to their original places of residency. 

Trevon Martin // CIRB Journalism Intern