Published Half-Year Report

CIRB’s long-awaited report gives insight to the degree of impact COVID-19 has had on permit activity throughout the last six months.

Last published in 2018, the 2020 Semi-Annual Building Permit Summary Report provides readers the early opportunity to analyze the impact of COVID-19 on California’s building industry.

Key takeaways from the CIRB 2020 Semi-Annual Permit Summary Report:

  • Northern California region shows positive growth despite COVID-19.
  • Projected total units currently not surpassing 2017 figures.
  • June 2020 SFD units mirror pre-pandemic activity of February 2020.

What’s included in the report: 

Regional Activity Breakdowns: Northern California | Central Coast | Bay Area | Southern California

Updated 2020 Forecast: Visualized Data Models | 2005 -2020 Outlook Comparison Models

Statewide Residential / Non-Residential Datasets: All 538 Jurisdictions |  Monthly Breakdowns | Half-year Unit Totals

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